Yacht: Viveka

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“VIVEKA, Ex JOAN II was designed by Frank C. Paine of Paine, Belknap & Skene and built by Fred Lawley in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1929 and 1930. She was designed for J.P. Morgan who wanted a fast cruiser, putting special emphasis on speed. For this reason Frank Paine designed her to rate at the top class G, a 38 rating, and at the same time under the universal rules in the 12-meter class. Viveka can thus be considered one of the very few schooners that rated in the 12-meter class.” Rutherford’s Boatshop

“During the Second World War, as SEAWEED, she became part of the “The Hooligan’s Navy”, the government-requisitioned fleet of seagoing pleasure vessels for use as spotter patrols on both the West and East coasts. For almost a month in May 1942 she held her station through some very tough North Californian spring weather – 15 days of it hove to splendidly under just a small main staysail. Good practice perhaps for a future stage in her life…” Sandeman Yacht Company.

The present owner, Merl Peterson, indicated ‘Viveka’ was used for tracking U-boats in World War II.

Viveka has sailed 1.5 times around the world with Merl Petersen at the helm. She was purchased from Merl by an owner who wants everything to be done to perfection so she was brought to Rutherford’s boat shop for a complete restoration.

Restored in 1992-3.

“I am the daughter of Merlin Petersen who owned the boat from 1959 to 2011 (?).  She was bought and refitting was begun at a yard in Richmond, CA for a British client.  Unfortunately, the buyer ran into financial difficulties and had to surrender the project a couple of years later. I believe there is a new buyer, but I do not have further information about it. Merlin Petersen died in 2014. Rutherford’s Boatshop in Richmond had her at that time, and the restoration was very far along at that point.” information courtesy of Sherrill Sturm.

Under restoration at Rutherford’s Boatshop (November, 2019)


Mahon, 2022

Viveka to windward of Halloween, Mahon, 2022.  Photo: James Robinson Taylor

Designer: Frank Paine
Type of Boat:
Rig: 2 Masted Schooner
Year Built: 1930
Built By: F W Lawley & Son, UK
LOA m / ft: 23.77m / 78'
LOD m / ft: 22.19m / 72'8"
LWL m / ft: 14.59m / 47'8"
Beam m / ft: 4.25m / 13'9"
Draft m / ft: 3.04m / 9'9"
Yard No:
Sail Stats Sail Area: 330 sq.m
Construction: Double planked cedar and mahogany on oak frames
Displacement: 96 tons.

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