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Bluebottle miin
Bluebottle Crew Stories
The Dragon ‘Bluebottle’ – Prince Philip’s ‘Royal Yacht’ The Royal...
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Glorious Brest: the world’s largest maritime festival in photographs
Celebrating Traditional Boats
Celebrating Traditional Boats  Brest: the world’s largest maritime festival in photographs by Nigel Pert...
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loki loon
Loki and Loon
A terrific book for sailors or those fascinated with the idea of sailing, or of cruising, and long voyages...
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Highland Cowes: A History of Sailing in Scotland through the lens of Hunter's Quay
Countless well-researched histories of yachting have been published since Victorian times. But, unaccountably,...
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Classic Woman
When a lady has class (uncut!)
There will always be those who love classic boats just like there will always be people who love classic...
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The Piper Calls The Tune - The Life of David Boyd
Click to buy on Amazon The Piper Calls the Tune is an account of the life and works of David Boyd (1902-1989),...
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Imperia Classics / Vele D'Epoca Di Imperia
Imperia 2016 All information on the regatta Website. 
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Argentario Sailing Week, 2016 - Notice of Race
Bdr_NoR_ASW2016 Find out more in CYI’s article…. 
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Classic Yacht Info
The First International Rule
  Click to view in .doc format: The FIRST INTERNATIONAL RULE 1908-1919 FIRST-INTERNATIONAL-RULE-1908-1919
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