Class: New York 50

The “Fifties” were designed and built by Nathaneal Herreshoff, the Wizard of Bristol, when he was at the very peak of his powers. The NYYC 50’s were 50′ on the waterline with an overall length of 72′. They were knockabout rigged, or without bowsprits. The lack of a bowsprit was unusual at the time they were built, but their beauty was were preserved by the long overhang of their graceful bow sections. Nine NYYC 50’s were built in 1915 for owners among the countries most prominent yachtsmen.

Yachting author Edwin Schoettle called the Fifties “every inch the greyhound”, and “excellent heavy weather boats.” He went on to say, “These greyhounds of the New York racing fleet are handled and jockeyed at close quarters like fifteen foot boats.” Yachting expert Caspar Whitney referred to the NYYC 50’s as having “that Herreshoff characteristic of passing unperturbed through agitated waters.” There is no doubt that the Fifties were massively powerful classic racing machines.

There is one surviving NY 50 – Spartan

Rig: Gaff Cutter
Built By: Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, Bristol, RI
LOA m / ft: 21.94m / 72'
LOD m / ft: 21.94m / 72'
LWL m / ft: 15.24m / 50'
Beam m / ft:
Draught m / ft:
Sail Area
Boat List: Spartan