Class: East Coast One Design (ECOD)



Designed by G U Laws in 1913, only 10 were built, all by William King of Burnham-on-Crouch, UK.

Originally rigged as a gaff.

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Built By: William King of Burnham-on-Crouch, UK.
LOA m / ft: 9.1m / 30'
LOD m / ft: 9.1m / 30'
LWL m / ft: 6m / 20'
Beam m / ft: 2m / 6'6"
Draught m / ft: 1.2m / 4'
Sail Area
Construction: Built of 5/8in pitch pine planking on 1in x 5/8in English oak or American elm timbers, spaced at 6in centers. They have a bolt-on keel made up of 4in thick pieces of white pine, bolted together bread-and-butter style, and a 1.25-ton ballast keel. Boats with bolt-on keels were quicker to build than ones whose planking fairs down into the keel. The design also has relatively big 3in x 3in oak floors. All ECOD’s are three quarter decked, although Widgeon (Design No. 2), has been converted to a cruiser and now has a small cabin. Originally they would have had teak or mahogany coamings lining the cockpit and the deck would have been 6 x 5/8in white pine covered with Linoleum.
Information: Chittabob IV Design No. 1, Widgeon Design No. 2 , Witch Design No. 3, Nancy Design No. 4 , Redshank Design No. 5 , Delphine Design No. 6, Wizard Design No. 7, Wraith Design No. 8, Gigi Design No. 9, Rhythm Design No. 10
Boat List: Chittabob IV