Yacht: Tiree III Of Bosham

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Previously named ‘Rosheeba’ and ‘Noryema II’.

“Launched in 1961 she “took place in the round the island race in 1962, I have both the original plans and records from the race that Ron did in 1962, my father did the same race in 64 in the same yacht and beat Ron’s time !!! Well it’s my claim to fame lol.” Information courtesy of Gary West

Rosheeba on the front of Daily Mail at start of Round The Island Race

1966-1973 – Owned by Chris Mountford and during this time she was chartered by Bosham Sea School and used to run cruising courses on the south coast of England.

“She was used by the Bosham Sea School in the early seventies and I learnt to sail on her.   She had been renamed ‘Rosheeba’ and then, when I was on her, had been renamed again to ‘Tyree III of Bosham’.  The Sea School was run by twins. One, I think, was called Nick.   The Skipper was called Wally Naismith, ex Coastal Command, R.A.F.   Some time in the early seventies she was hit by an unlit vessel in the Channel (they think the vessel was smuggling illegal immigrants), but was then repaired to 100A1 at Lloyds.  I was one of the original owners when she was re-named ‘Tiree III of Bosham’. My partners were Nick & Richard Reynolds. I was the first instructor when she joined the Bosham Sea School.

Photos from some years ago


“I was down to her location last weekend and found out she has been there for nearly 20 years!!! The guy who currently owns her …….. sailed her to Grenada and was stationed out there for 3 years before sailing back again, he is an experienced sailor and fascinating to hear about his stories and how Rosheeba is the most amazing yacht he has ever sailed. He was telling me how in mid Atlantic storms going on for 3 days, the more the wind blew the more she sat in deep and felt with it, he has never been frightened while sailing her! That is quite a claim in my book.” Information courtesy of Gary West (March, 2017).

In need of restoration:

Designer: Alan Buchanan
Type of Boat:
Rig: Bermudan Sloop
Year Built: 1961
Built By:
LOA m / ft:
LOD m / ft:
LWL m / ft:
Beam m / ft:
Draft m / ft:
Yard No:
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