Designer: Norman Edward Dallimore

1883: Norman Edward Dallimore was born.
1898: Sailed with his half-brother in ‘Seamew’.
1903-1907: Draughtsman with GU Laws. (Not known for how many years!)
1908: Ned drew his first design (an 8 ton sloop) for theYachting Monthly competitions.
1908-1910: Part owner of ‘Dorothy’.
1910-1914: Owner of ‘Airlie’.
1911-1913: Ned won The Crouch Yacht Club Points Cup each year and therefore he retained the Cup permanently.
1913: In January this year Ned won the Yachting Monthly prize for the best design for a fast and comfortable daysailor which would not be expensive to build. (Scud design 30/31).
1914-1918: He served as an R.N.V.R. Lieutenant in MLs. during war.
1915: Ned married Ruby White.
1918: Norman and Ruby lived in Burnham from 1918 onwards.
1919-1933: Owner of ‘Mimosa’.
1920: Won a design competition by Yachting Monthly. (Design No: 22)
1921: Won a design competition by Yachting Monthly. (Papoose design 59). From 1921 onwards he formed a close but unofficial partner-ship with William King & Sons of Burnham.
1922: Won another Yachting Monthly competition. Norman in Holland, sailed in a 12ft. one design class. A daughter Cherry was born (died in 1956).
1923: A son Ted was born (died in 2006).
1928-1938: Ned sailed quite often with his friend Percy Sable and their families at Daffodil to France.
1928-1955: Ned was the official Burnham Week handicapper.
1935-1939: Owner of ‘Emily’.
1938: Blue Trout: Town Cup Winner (The most sought-after trophy in Burnham Week) with Ned at the helm.
1948: Owner of ‘Mandarin’.
1951: Ned’s last design. (Panacea design 324).
1952: ‘Sea Minx’ won the Dun Laoghaire – Clyde Race in 1952.
1959: Ned died.
Information Courtesy of the Norman E Dallimore Association.