Designer: Bruno Veronese

Bruno Veronese, under the pseudonym Capitano Black, wrote “Yachting” the first comprehensive manual for yachtsmen by an Italian author. Having written numerous articles also for the major yachting magazines, his final treatise “Yacht Progetto e Costruzione”, was published posthumously in 1991.

Veronese’s design career started in the late 1940s in Genoa and his quite prolific output yielded some 30 yachts built to his designs including the Classics: COPPELIA, TYRSA, EURYDICE, VALLEY III and PANDORA; all notable for both their elegance and the strength of their design in construction. Benefitting also from the ideas of other designers, some influence of Jack Laurent Giles can be seen in respect of another boat Resolution II.

(source: Sandeman Yacht Company)

Boat List:
Capitan Lipari
Resolution II