1939 – 1955 Sweden

The first owner was Consul Walter Edström, Göteborg, CEO of ESAB between 1921 and 1941 and honorary consul of Mexico, The documentation of the KSSS and research of the ‘International 8-Metre Association’ indicated that Svanevit was sold 1952 to Mr. David Sandén and to Mr. Gils Gäbel (Stockholm) in 1954. From now on it was known as “Silvervingen VIII”.

1955 – 1969 Adria

Walter Denzel (from Vienna) was the owner of Svanevit from 1955 to 1969. He sailed the boat renamed to „Lorana“ on the Adrian Sea near Montfalcone. The sail No. during that time was OE-1.

In 1969 it was bought by another sailing enthusiast from Vienna, Konrad Glatz. Konrad Glatz, holder of a major austrian grain trade company died by an casualty in 1971 in an age of 65 years.

1972 – 1996 Netherlands

In 1972 Svanevit was sold to G.A.S. Jongeneel in the Netherlands. From now on she sailed under sail No. 8 H-2. Jongeneel tranfered the boat from the Adrian Sea to the east coast of the Netherlands. Jongeneel, a former Flying Dutchman champion, sailed Svanevit on various locale handicap races on the Ijsselmeer (Lake Yssel). In 1989 at his age of 77 Mr. Jongeneel sold the yacht to Joost van de Post with the remarks: “… painted white, very fast, making eight knots close hauled …”.

During the years in the Netherlands the boat name got translated from ‘Silvervingen’ to ‘Zilverwiek’. Joost van de Post was an regatta enthusiast. He trimmed the boat for regattas without any compromise. When he took over the boat it was equipped as a cruiser with water tanks, refrigerator, etc. In 1954 A&R already installed a 12HP Coventry Victors engine. The boats body was in good shape but the boat has seen better times. Joost van de Post removed the complete interior, replaced the original steel ribs by new ones, replaced the keel bolts and partially the board. Some of the interior was ssen later on in Josts apartment in Amsterdam. His plan was to convert Svanevit with “racing trim” based on the international standards.

1997 – 2007 Lake Constance

In 1997 Guntram Stoll, an entrepreneur from Lindau, Lake Constance, bought Svanevit with the belief to buy a solid classic wooden boat. After the transfer from the Netherlands and the first restoration work on the boat it became obvious that it was not the case. The boat had to be undertaken of a complete restoration and was rebuild from scratch by Lukas Hummlers shipyard, Lindau. The steel ribs have been replaced by properly dimensioned ribs made of wood. „Old“ and oxidyzed steel have been replaced by galvanized one. The stringer and the deck of the boat have been replaced as the stem. Only the cabin roof, partially the cockpit and the keel stayed as they were. The dutch name Zilverwiek remained. From that time the boat had the sail No. 8 GER 13. She could not participate in the 8mR World Cup at Lake Constance due to some non-conform structural items and the objections of the regatta participants.

2008 – 2009 Ijsselmeer

In 2007 Svanevit was sold again. During the handover of the boat it was obvious that some variations and extensions would be necessary to comply with the International Rules. In fall of 2007 the shipyard G&B started the intensive work. Based on the original construction plans the missing deck bridge was rebuild and equipped with the center winch for the main sheet. The missing and by International Standard required bulkhead between bow and salon got installed. In addition the missing Kimstringer got in place to stabilize the boat during rough sea.

In 2008 and 2009 some fine tuning was done for the buldhead, the bow, and the layout of the sheet design by Ventis B.V. Enkhuizen. The prop which was at the side of the boat was replaced to the middle. All changes have been supported and monitored by Juliane Hempel from the technical committee of the international 8mr association. The bow hatch had been adjusted to comply to the international rules & measures. By the time the work had been finished the boat became a new measure certificate and the initial name Svanevit.

Svanevit is a boat build for rough sea conditions at the coast of Sweden. It was state of the art during the 30’s to use the composite techniques with mahagoni planks on oak and steel ribs. The interior is going to be reconverted to it’s original plan during the years 2008 – 2010 after numerous changes in the past.

During the winter time 2009/2010 additional modifications took place.

For the 70th anniversary Svanevit will cruise again with the flag of the initial port of registry – the honorable Royal Yacht Club of Göteborg (GKSS).

2010 – Baltic Sea

In spring 2010 Svanevit returned to the Batic Sea after 40 years. She participated after a long time of absence in Nat´l and Int´l regattas like ‘R&B European Classic Week’, the ‘Rolex Baltic Week’ with the European 8mR Championships, and the ‘German Classics’.

Information courtesy of the boat’s website.


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