Class: 12.5 KVM Krysser

Designed by Christian Jensen in 1929 the main is 9.7 sq.m and the jib is 2.8 sq.m. Hence, 12.5 sq.m. On January 13, 1930 the design was adopted by the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) as the national ‘Junior Boat’. Later the boat was also equipped with a spinnaker – approximately 10 sq.m.

In a Lottery organized by KNS the first boat was registered as C-1 and won by Peder Lunde sr .. He handed her later to Gerd Lunde. The prototype held the number C-3. During the first 10 years only 11 boats were built, most of these at Vollen in Asker. However, after freeboard had been raised to 40 cm, the design became known as a proper heavy weather boat and after peace came in 1945 the class totalled 64 boats. These were found mainly in cities around the Oslo Fjord, especially in Oslo and Tønsberg where large fleets were registered.

In 1947, the Princesses Astrid and Ragnhild built C 62 “Astra”. The following year, Prince Harald built C 76 “Fram”, despite the fact that he was only 10 years old. Both these boats sail today. Now that the class had become “Royal”, it became even more popular and the numbers topped out at 124 registered boats.

Over the years the class became split and many of the yachts fell into a state of neglect. However, in 1986 a new group of enthusiasts took to the class in Ålesund, and what once looked like the death of the class, turned into a renaissance few thought possible. The Class was reorganised with the entire class registry recreated, from C 1 to C 124. Boats were tracked down and several of these were bought by new stakeholders in Ålesund and surrounding areas.

In Ålesund in 1990 the championship boasted 20boats on the startline. A few years later the renaissance was also followed in Risør and subsequently Norway Championship were held annually.

In 2008, production of new boats resumed.

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Rig: Bermudan Sloop
Built By:
LOA m / ft: 7.62m / 25'
LOD m / ft: 7.62m / 25'
LWL m / ft:
Beam m / ft: 1.8m / 5'9"
Draught m / ft: 0.9m / 2'9"
Sail Area 12.5 sqm plus spinnaker
Boat List: Andre