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Built in 1901 by renowned Swedish engineer Gunnar Mellgren.

A newspaper article from 1902 describes how Ester, during her first season, won the first prize of at least a dozen races.

More than 30 years later she sank southwest of Normanön in Örnsköldsvik archipelago. There she remained at a depth of 52 metres.

Hellgrens research shows that Örnsköldsviks Yacht Club took the boat in 1933 as a gift from the timber merchant Sven Larsson from Gothenburg. After some renovation she sailed through the canal out to the Stockholm archipelago and then up toward Ulvön and Örnsköldsvik Harbour. Her crew described the old hull as “shiny varnished Honduras mahogany” and recall “scrubbing the decks of teak”.

The Yacht Club’s ambition was that Ester would become a training ship for the juniors but the younger ones were not interested and in 1934 she was sold to a merchant for 1400 crowns.
He participated in sailing with the boat and won a sailing race around Ulvön in June 1937.

One day – unclear when – there was a fire on board on route from Gullviks Bay To Trysunda. According to an interview Per Hellgren made by a now deceased Firefighter, the fire was extinguished when the boat came ashore at Trysunda. But later that day, on the way to Ornskoldsvik, the boat sank at Normanön and a dinghy was used to take the crew to Ottelandet.

“After 80 years on the seabed – on Thursday 25th June, 2015 Ester was salvaged. Per Hellgren in Domsjö has for many years conducted research on the boat in Gullviks Bay. In 2012, Hellgren used sonar to find the place where the sailboat sank. He then applied to the County Administrative Board on the rights to salvage it – and this week has been diving and his salvage personnel have worked around the clock to raise the boat from the ocean floor.
On Wednesday, she could be lifted ten meters, and at lunchtime on Thursday the boat was secured just below the water surface.”

More information at: www.ester1901.se

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Type of Boat:
Rig: Gaff Sloop
Year Built: 1901
Built By: Plym
LOA m / ft: 15.38m / 50'4"
LOD m / ft: 15.38m / 50'4"
LWL m / ft: 8.9m / 29'2"
Beam m / ft: 3.08m / 10'1"
Draft m / ft: 1.8m / 5'9"
Yard No:
Sail Stats Sail Area: 110 m.sq / 1,184 sq.ft
Construction: Constructed as a Finkeel racer

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